• The following artworks below exclusively showcase the genuine, original works of artist Lee Kyo Dong, each one existing as a unique, singular creation with no replicas. These are legally protected artworks, and any unauthorized usage, reproduction, or commercial exploitation of these images is strictly prohibited.


Born in 1959 in the Republic of South Korea, Lee Kyo Dong established himself as a prominent contemporary artist during the 1990s and early 2000s in his home country. He eloquently describes that each of his creations emanates from the depths of his soul, akin to a 'hidden atelier,' allowing him to intricately explore and vividly express his profound comprehension and interpretation of the world that surrounds him. Notably, Lee's artistic endeavors in the 1990s encompass a diverse range of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, and installations, marking a significant facet of his creative journey.


Lee's art, influenced by his immigration to Canada in 2002, imbues depth into his recent works. He adeptly integrates everyday elements like animals and nature into his creations, providing insights into his inner world brimming with solitude, insecurity, hope, and love. While his earlier themes delved into nature, civilization, and memories, his recent pieces exude subtle hope and optimism, striking a chord with global audiences. Notably, in recent years, he has embraced digital mediums, departing from conventional techniques and aligning his art with today's digitized world.


As a seasoned contemporary artist, he is deeply committed to extending the reach of his craft and ensuring its accessibility to a broader audience. His vision centers on forging an intimate and profound connection between his artwork and its beholders, fostering a profound, soul-stirring resonance. Noteworthy are the milestones marking his distinguished career:

Awards & Exibitions


2002 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (Painting)
2002 Dong-a Art Festival, Selection (Painting)
2001 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Painting)
2000 Dong-a Art Fastival, Special selection (Painting)
1999 Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Special selection (Painting)
1998 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Painting)
1998 Dong-a Art Festival, Selection (Painting)
1996 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)
1995 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)
1994 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)
1993 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)
1992 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)

Solo Exhibition and lnvitational Exhibition

2003 The lnvitational Exhibition (GaIIery Cho-hyeong)
2002 The solo Exhibition (Gallery Dan-sung)
2001 The solo Exhibition (GaIIery RHO)

Group Exhibition

2023 Art Vancouver, Selection
2006 Festival Mosaic, Special Selection
2001 Sung-nam Art Exhibition, Special selection
1992 Sung-nam Art Exhibition, Selection