Lee Kyo Dong (b.1959) was born in the Republic of South Korea. During the 1990s to early 2000s, he performed as one of the contemporary artists in South Korea. Lee would describe that all his works are created from the soul that lies deep within him, like a 'hidden atelier', which enables him to freely explore and express his understanding and interpretation of the world he lives in. Lee's works in the 90s are characterized by paintings, sculptures, and installations.

Ever since immigrating to Canada in his mid-forties from Korea in 2003, Lee's art has been largely influenced by his experience as an immigrant. His intimate understanding of the immigrant experience has allowed him to gain a unique perspective and creative inspiration. Through his work, he often conveys a deep introspection and yearning for his motherland. Also Lee incorporates everyday objects, animals, and nature into his pieces, reflecting his own inner world of loneliness, insecurity, hope, and love. Though his works in general may initially appear bleak or toned-down, upon closer inspection one may find interesting to realize there are subtle gleam of hope and optimism glimmering through each canvas.

Kyo Dong Lee is an ambitious contemporary artist who is determined to reach a global audience and further his career to make his art accessible to as many individuals as possible. His ambition is to build an intimate and meaningful relationship between his work and his viewers, and to create a connection between his art and souls around the world. Listed are LEE's milestoned Award-Winning Career:

2002 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (Painting)
2002 Dong-a Art Festival, Selection (Painting)
2001 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Painting)
2000 Dong-a Art Fastival, Special selection (Painting)
1999 Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Special selection (Painting)
1998 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Painting)
1998 Dong-a Art Festival, Selection (Painting)
1996 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)
1995 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)
1994 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)
1993 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)
1992 The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Selection (Sculptor)

Solo Exhibition and lnvitational Exhibition
2003 The lnvitational Exhibition (GaIIery Cho-hyeong)
2002 The solo Exhibition (Gallery Dan-sung)
2001 The solo Exhibition (GaIIery RHO)

Group Exhibition
2023 Art Vancouver, Selection
2006 Festival Mosaic, Special Selection
2001 Sung-nam Art Exhibition, Special selection
1992 Sung-nam Art Exhibition, Selection


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